Rose Gold Shimmer Wall
Rose Gold Shimmer Wall

Introducing the Glamour Shimmer Wall Backdrop - Elevate Your Events!

Step into a world of shimmering elegance with our dazzling balloon garland on a stunning shimmer wall backdrop. This enchanting combination adds a touch of glamour to any event, creating a mesmerizing visual display. Our talented team will meticulously arrange a custom garland, blending colors, shapes, and sizes to match your desired theme. The shimmer wall backdrop enhances the overall effect, reflecting light and creating a magical atmosphere.

With our seamless installation services, you can focus on enjoying your special occasion while we bring your vision to life. Make a statement and leave a lasting impression with our balloon garland on shimmer wall backdrop.

Add 2 Large Numbers from $60.00

Untitled design (51)
Hire Price $ 199.00
Size: 1.8W 1.5H + Balloons

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